All my life I've been attracted by the contrast of old and new, past and present, experience and innocence, antique and modern. And this is the inspiration behind my work - a desire to explore the traditional and the past, and to imagine how this can inform the future. Nothing is as it seems. Subtlety is key. Elegantly deviant in all forms.

My pieces encourage the observer to construct their own visual experience, a subconscious impression at first but one which slowly ripens into awareness. Drawing on aspects of cognitive science, the pieces persuade the brain and eye to connect, and then re-connect, and in this way stimulate a progression of engagements to allow new forms to emerge.

My fascination with furniture and textiles derives from its 'everydayness' - they are  indispensable objects in our daily lives but rarely do we stop to truly appreciate them. Yet their functionality connects us throughout our lives, from childhood to old age, while as life progresses, the connections change. My designs aim to capture something of the simplicity, strength and solidity of these everyday objects but imbue them with something of the twists and turns of life.

All the pieces are unique, produced as limited edition collector's items. They are designed by me and crafted in Ireland by skilled cabinet makers. In each one, the sophistication of traditional design and craftsmanship combine with contemporary innovation to truly make these "New Antiques" elegantly deviant.